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The Nuts and Bolts of Business Insurance

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need insurance. It’s something that really no business, no matter how small, should be without. Not only does insurance protect your business from physical damage, but it can also protect your dedicated employees from harm and your business from some types of litigation.

Most importantly of all, however, is the fact that insurance can keep your business operational at times when you would otherwise have to close your doors due to natural disasters, fire, cyber-attacks, equipment outages, and countless other possibilities.

These are a few of the insurance types you should consider investing in for the sake of your business today and in the future.

Business Owners Insurance

This is a general type of insurance that helps protect your business from a wide range of risks. Some of these risks include loss of income, theft, property damage, and accidents. Policies and coverage amounts vary widely from one plan to the next and this is only a small portion of the total coverage you’ll need for your business. It is, however, a good launching point for the full coverage your business deserves and needs.

General Liability Insurance

If someone is injured, hurt, or becomes ill on your property, then general liability is critical. It’s another must-have insurance for today’s business owner. In today’s litigious society, businesses, no matter how diligent they adhere to safety standards and protocols, simply cannot afford to skip this vital insurance coverage.

Industry Specific Insurance

Certain industries need additional coverage beyond general business or even general liability insurance coverage. Construction or trades-based industries, specifically, need coverage that goes beyond the typical package. Many insurance providers offer specialized packages for insurance coverage that meet the demanding needs of contractors, restaurant owners, retail shop owners, manufacturers, and others. Make sure you discuss the industry specific policies and plans with your insurer as well as additional policies or riders that may be a wise investment.

Commercial Business Vehicle Insurance

Many businesses have company vehicles or even a fleet of vehicles. If this is the case for your business, then you need to have special insurance coverage for the vehicles used to promote or conduct your business. Food trucks also have additional insurance requirements because they are essentially traveling restaurants.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Every U.S. state has some form of requirement in place in regards to workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This insurance coverage provides for the costs of medical care as well as a portion of the employee’s lost wages when employees become ill or injured while working.

With so many different types of business insurance coverage available, it may be a little intimidating to try to figure out what your business needs truly are. These options are good starts as you compare one policy to another.

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